Residential Drug Rehab

For anyone addicted to illicit drugs and seeking a drug rehab facility, you may be wondering what is in store for you at a residential drug rehab. Well a residential drug rehab is almost like a home away from home, where one can focus solely on overcoming their addiction. Our facility, Narconon, allows you to focus on yourself and not the environmental factors surrounding you. Often environmental factors assist in facilitating drug addiction to either begin or continue on for a period of time. Therefore, removing yourself from your present environment assists in putting all of your attention on recovery.

Sauna Detoxification

For your body to become completely free of drugs, you must go through a full body detoxification, which will release any drug residuals within the body. Here at Narconon Freedom Center, you will go through just that; complete detoxification. This detox process is completed through a sauna program. Upon completion of the sauna program one will no longer have these drug residuals lodged in the body tissue, which will assist when going on to the next steps of the program that focus on mental treatment for your addiction.


Narconon Freedom Center is capable of accepting up to 100 clients at a time who need help with addiction. With our facility having a 58,000 square foot building for clients to receive treatment in, the building includes two separate wings for females and males to reside in, private bathrooms, lounge areas and designated areas where one receives help for their addiction. Along with a large building that has been set up for optimum results for each client, the facility also has many outdoor areas for individuals to relax, enjoy the nature around them or partake in recreational activities.