Residential Drug Rehab

For anyone addicted to illicit drugs and seeking a drug rehab facility, you may be wondering what is in store for you at a residential drug rehab. Well a residential drug rehab is almost like a home away from home, where one can focus solely on overcoming their addiction. Our facility, Narconon, allows you to focus on yourself and not the environmental factors surrounding you. Often environmental factors assist in facilitating drug addiction to either begin or continue on for a period of time. Therefore, removing yourself from your present environment assists in putting all of your attention on recovery.

Sauna Detoxification

For your body to become completely free of drugs, you must go through a full body detoxification, which will release any drug residuals within the body. Here at Narconon Freedom Center, you will go through just that; complete detoxification. This detox process is completed through a sauna program. Upon completion of the sauna program one will no longer have these drug residuals lodged in the body tissue, which will assist when going on to the next steps of the program that focus on mental treatment for your addiction.


Narconon Freedom Center is capable of accepting up to 100 clients at a time who need help with addiction. With our facility having a 58,000 square foot building for clients to receive treatment in, the building includes two separate wings for females and males to reside in, private bathrooms, lounge areas and designated areas where one receives help for their addiction. Along with a large building that has been set up for optimum results for each client, the facility also has many outdoor areas for individuals to relax, enjoy the nature around them or partake in recreational activities.

Narconon Freedom Center

Narconon Freedom Center is a drug rehab located in the quiet area of Albion, Michigan helping addicts from across the world overcome addiction. Here at our facility, we treat individuals who have an addiction to any type of substance that has a hold over their lives such as heroin, cocaine, alcohol, prescription pills and a number of other substances as well.

Stop Addiction Narconon Freedom Center


The problem of addiction is due in part to that fact that there are drugs coming into the United States on a daily basis. Unfortunately, there are a number of ways these illegal substances find their way into the borders of the United States such as planes, cargo ships or motor vehicles. While valiant efforts to deter suppliers from even attempting to smuggle drugs in have been made, the suppliers seem to find new and innovative ways to smuggle the drugs into the States. The prevalence of drugs within the States definitely does not help the growing population of addicted individuals. The easy accessibility of these illicit substances makes finding them and becoming addicted to drugs possible for anyone. By making individuals aware of the growing issue regarding addiction, the loved ones of an addict have somewhat of an idea on how to help the addict find treatment options through a drug rehab facility.

Having a loved one addicted to drugs can take a toll on anyone’s life and can become quite stressful. The person in need of treatment will have mental and physical problems arising in their life on a continuous basis, yet are not capable of seeing that drugs are the reason for these problems. Here at Narconon Freedom Center there are intervention specialists to help loved ones get the message of recovery to the suffering addict. The interventionist is able to give the loved ones and addict addiction facts and brief them on the treatment methods used at our facility.

Getting Help

Once the addict is capable of seeing that drugs have become a huge barrier in their life is when admittance to a drug rehab can take place. There are two types of drug rehabs one can be admitted to, which are outpatient or residential drug rehabs. Here at Narconon Freedom Center, we offer a complete residential drug rehab on 10 acres of land with a 58,000 square foot facility. This allows the addict to enjoy the indoors and outdoors Albion, Michigan has to offer. The location also allows the individual to focus on repairing both their physical and mental states during the recovery process.

During one’s stay at Narconon Freedom Center, one can expect to go thru a completely drug free withdrawal process that will set the ground for the rest of their stay at the drug rehab. Once this portion of treatment is completed, one will find themselves learning how to interact with others again and then move along into the sauna detoxification portion of the program. In the sauna detoxification portion, one will be going through a process to detoxify the body of any toxins located within the body. This is to cleanse the body completely, so the individual can move smoothly through the next part of their treatment plan. That is the portion where one will then use self-help tools to regain control of their life and learn how to live a successful, drug free life. Once one has gone through the process of detoxification and learned the skills to lead a drug free life they are ready to begin their new sober life.

Narconon Freedom Center Helping Families

Starting a Drug Free Life

Before one leaves Narconon Freedom Center a specialist will have a one on one conversation about an aftercare treatment plan to ensure a drug free life and continual life improvements. Our drug rehab wants to ensure each person that comes through the program leaves with a clear mind, a desire to stay drug free for the rest of their lives and the proper self-help tools to do so.

You do not have to suffer from the cycle of addiction any longer. Once you decide you are ready to give up drugs for good, your journey to a sober life has already begun. You make the first decision and the staff at Narconon Freedom Center just assists in showing you how to maintain a drug free life. The end goal is to see you thrive in life and chase after what is truly important to you. You deserve the opportunity to prosper in a life full of happiness. There is nothing more our treatment facility would want to see more than a smile on your face and a drive for life regained through the recovery process.

Making the Final Decision

If you or a loved one is suffering from a drug addiction and want help with overcoming that addiction give one of our addiction specialists a call. One of Narconon Freedom Center’s specialists will be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about what our treatment facility has to offer for your recovery before, during and after your stay at our residential drug rehab.