Alcohol Addiction

Many people in society are capable of socially drinking alcohol with friends or family and not develop an addiction to it. The issue of alcohol addiction usually comes about when one is no longer only drinking socially, but drinking every day just to feel normal. Detecting an addiction to alcohol is sometimes difficult to see in yourself or others because you are capable of purchasing alcohol at your local gas station or convenience store. Plus, there are bars and pubs you can go to for a drink as well. The availability of alcohol is abundant and this leads many individuals who are addicted to alcohol to not view their drinking habits as a problem. One will eventually begin to feel the negative effects of alcohol on their mind and body, but sometimes this is not enough to break the cycle of denial of their addiction.  Denial of alcohol addiction is one of the main barriers that stand in the way of an individual getting treatment for their addiction.

Effects of Alcohol

Alcohol can have many different effects on an individual depending on the amount one consumes and for how long one consumes these amounts of alcohol for. Over time an individual’s tolerance level to alcohol will build and they will need more and more alcohol to receive the same effects from the substance. When one first starts drinking it may only take a couple of drinks, but soon enough it will take an entire fifth or more to get the same feeling. This is the first sign that there could be a drinking problem present. Before long one will begin experiencing the long term effects alcohol can have when drinking has continued for a period of time, which include some of the following:

  • Accidental injuries
  • Family problems
  • Alcohol poisoning
  • Heart related problems (high blood pressure or stroke)
  • Liver disease
  • Brain damage
  • Vitamin deficiencies
  • Malnutrition
  • Ulcers
  • Cancer of the mouth or throat

All of the above effects begin to arise either shortly after alcohol addiction has taken effect or after a long period of being addicted. Besides causing major health problems, if one decides to drive or partake in strenuous activities while under the influence death could occur due to the lack of judgment when under the influence of alcohol. This would be the ultimate consequence of one’s drinking problem.

Denial of Alcohol Addiction

There are many instances where one that is addicted to alcohol will attempt to not drink as much in front of certain people to try and avoid the subject of their drinking habits. When the subject is brought up in conversation, most will claim that alcohol is legal and the amount they are drinking is no one’s business except his own or try to change the subject.Man in denial of alcohol abuse

Addicts that do not drink in front of others and claim it’s their lives use this as a justification, but deep down when one is in this state of denial they already know their drinking is a problem. The issue is getting the person to admit that their alcohol use has begun to become a problem for themselves and for others around the addict. It is not until legal, familial or employment problems arise that one may actually begin to see that drinking is a real problem within their life. Even when individuals of authority or family begin to interfere with a person’s drinking, the alcoholic can still find other factors to blame. For example, that their spouse just complains too much and that’s why the divorce is happening or the cop just had a grudge against them, so he received a DUI. These justifications are expected from someone that is in denial about their alcohol addiction. Unfortunately, the addict’s denial will continue to increase as the problems in their life increase.

When real issues begin to arise though such as run-ins with the law, this is when loved ones have the best opportunity to confront the alcoholic about their alcohol abuse. It is much more difficult for one to continue to deny their addiction, when there is hard evidence against them and can all be linked back to their alcohol consumption. Now there is always the chance that the addict is in such denial it is impossible to prove your point that the person needs treatment, but if you continually bring up the subject the addict will have the thoughts in his brain. Eventually evaluating their life, the condition of it and the situations they have landed in since drinking has become a problem. Soon enough the addict will come to and no longer be capable of denying their alcohol addiction to even themselves anymore. This is when finding an alcohol treatment center to enroll in is essential and needs to be done as soon as denial has been overcome.

Finding Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

Once the alcohol dependent individual has realized that alcohol has been the problem in their life and not the other factors, treatment options should be looked into. More than likely the addict has lost many valuables, burned many bridges and needs to learn how to build his life back up. This is why a treatment facility is essential in order for a full turnaround from the individual.

Here at Freedom Treatment Center, we offer alcohol addiction treatment for anyone that has a drinking problem. During an individual’s stay at, one can expect to get their physical and mental health back completely. In addition to this our facility helps the addict build the connections they once had with loved ones back to a normal condition.

By having the addict help themselves through their recovery, Freedom Treatment Center shows the addict that they are capable of doing things on their own without the use of alcohol and that all it takes is a little hard work and dedication. As long as one is motivated to recover from their alcohol addiction, then our facility will be able to help one learn the tools necessary to live a drug free life.

Freedom Treatment Center graduateWhen one comes to the Freedom Treatment Center, one can expect to first cleanse their body of all toxins that are within. This allows one to feel more physically fit and no longer malnourished. Alcohol tends to take many vitamins from the body leaving the body feeling depleted. Our drug rehab helps bring each person back to full health with vitamin supplements and exercise.

Once one is feeling better physically, the addict will work on how to deal with their environment and actions. This is essential in recovery for it allows one to learn how to confront any situation and cope with anything that may not go exactly as planned. Upon completion of the Freedom Treatment Center program, alcohol addiction will be behind the person and a bright road for a drug free life will lie in front of them. If you or a loved one would like to know more about our program, please give one of our alcohol addiction specialists a call today to find out more!