If one fully detoxifies the body of any toxins, the physical cravings for drugs and alcohol should end completely. However, if an incomplete detox is done the person will experience involuntary drug cravings long after they have ceased using drugs. Truthfully, a complete detox is rarely ever done. Many treatment facilities promise a full detox, yet there are still toxins that will be lodged in an individual’s body. This is one important reason to research the drug rehab you choose to ensure the drug rehab you choose offers just that: a full drug detox.

An incomplete detox is the cause of drug cravings months or years later. Relapse is usually due to physical cravings for drugs because the detox performed did not remove all of the drugs from the body. Unfortunately, some that never wanted to use again will get cravings for drugs and could possibly go out and use due to these cravings. The drug cravings will not disappear until the drugs are completely removed from the body.

Here at Freedom Treatment Center, we have found that toxins lodge into the body tissue and can stay there for years after discontinued drug use. These toxins cause problems for some individuals later in their recovery and should be removed from the body during treatment. This is why our program uses a completely drug free detox program to ensure the drug residuals are fully removed from the body.

Drug Free Withdrawal

Upon arrival at the Freedom Treatment Center, one will first go through a completely drug free withdrawal program. This portion of the program focuses on bringing the addict’s body back to health through the use of vitamins and a balanced diet. These methods assist in putting nutrients back into the body lost during a person’s drug use. Once the addict is no longer experiencing withdrawal symptoms and feels better about their health the full body detox will begin.

Narconon Freedom Center DetoxWhat Full Detox Is

Many facilities consider treatment for cravings to consist of long periods of sobriety. The treatment center will claim the only way to stop cravings and fully detox is through “drying out,” which is just being completely abstinent from drugs. The problem with this method is that there are toxins locked within the body that need to be removed, so cravings will not occur later on in life.

This is why at Freedom Treatment Center, we ensure the proper treatment is given to dislodge these toxins and rid the body completely of all toxins. Our drug rehab knows that in order for one to be successful there must be no drugs within the body, so one can be brought back to health and have a drug free body. By removing all toxins from the body, one should not experience any more physical cravings for drugs or alcohol.

Sauna Detox

Freedom Treatment Center provides a full drug detox by the use of a sauna program. The sauna portion of the program allows the body to release all toxins lodged in any tissue of the body. During this portion of treatment, one will be on a regiment of vitamins and minerals to help replace the bad toxins that were blocking these vitamins from entering into the tissues. By giving the body the proper vitamins and minerals, the body realizes it is holding on to toxins and releases them through sweating in the sauna. Once the individual no longer feels toxins being released and the sauna specialists can see a visible change in the person physically all drug toxins have successfully left the body. Once this occurs one will feel much better physically. One’s body should feel almost as if drugs were never put into their body to begin with.

Ending Cravings Once and For All

By going through a completely drug free detox program with Freedom Treatment Center, one will know at the end there is not a chance any drug residuals are locked within the body. In addition, the body will have been provided all the nutrients it was lacking from years of drug abuse. One can expect to not have any physical cravings for drugs or alcohol any longer and be able to move on with their recovery upon completion of the sauna treatment provided. After a drug free detox, the individual will begin to focus on other parts of their recovery, but only once one no longer has cravings for drugs and their body has been restored to full health.