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Narconon Freedom Center Drug Free DetoxDrug Free Withdrawal

A drug free detox may sound daunting to many addicts. When many enter a treatment facility they do not know exactly what to expect or how they will ever get through the program. There are a number of emotions and thoughts running through the addict’s mind about what recovery will truly consist of. All of these feelings and thoughts are normal for every addict entering into a treatment facility.

Upon entering the Freedom Treatment Center one will enter into a completely drug free rehabilitation facility. The first step to recovery is choosing to stop the use of drugs and then to go through the physical withdrawal that follows discontinued use of drugs. When one arrives at our facility, they will be greeted by a withdrawal specialist to assist with any difficulties or discomforts that may occur during their withdrawal.

Restoring the Body

When one begins the withdrawal portion of our drug rehab one can expect to receive the necessary care to have minimal discomfort during physical withdrawal. The first step is to replenish the body of all the nutrients lost during the addict’s drug use. This is done through the use of daily vitamins and a balanced diet throughout the entire withdrawal. These vitamins allow one’s body to recover more rapidly with minimal discomfort. Much of the discomfort felt during withdrawal is due to the body not having proper nutrients and causes many of the muscle spasms, aches and chills one may feel during withdrawal. By giving the body the proper nutrients, the body is able to recover more rapidly and allow the addict to experience as few unpleasant physical discomforts possible.

Repairing the Body

In addition to replenishing the body of all nutrients, one must also focus on relaxing and communicating with the body again. When one is abusing drugs there is usually little attention put on their body or what is going on with it. This is one reason Freedom Treatment Center has withdrawal specialists to assist each addict in reconnecting with their body. The specific massages that are given are intended to help an addict’s discomfort throughout their withdrawal, plus realizing what is going on with their body and its’ needs. By reconnecting with the body after prolonger drug use, one is able to tell where the body is at from the abuse and how to assist in helping the body back to a healthy physical state. Knowing what is going on with one’s body is something many forget about when abusing drugs, but it is very important when recovering from drugs. This is especially true when treating the physical state of an addict.

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Everyone is different when it comes to their physical withdrawal. Some may need only a couple of days, yet others may need a week or more. This is normal and Freedom Treatment Center’s withdrawal specialists are monitoring each recovering addict around the clock to ensure proper care is given. The goal our withdrawal specialist set for every addict that steps foot into our treatment program is to make the withdrawal as minimal as possible and ensure the addict has a constant positive influence about recovering from drugs. Freedom Treatment Center’s drug free withdrawal is been proven successful and continues to help addicts every day recover from drug addiction.

Many out there abusing drugs fear the physical withdrawals from the drug, this alone can hold one back from choosing to seek treatment for their addiction. Our staff wants to make each addict as comfortable as possible and not let that fear be an issue during withdrawal or any other portion of our drug rehab program. It is imperative one is comfortable with their surroundings and themselves. This is why our specialists make certain that each recovering addict is provided with a drug free withdrawal that assists in bringing them back to health with minimal discomforts. There is nothing to fear when wanting to recover, but there is plenty to look forward to. For more information give one of our addiction specialists a call today!