Sauna Detox

In order for one to recover fully from addiction, one must focus on both the physical and mental states of themselves. This is done through a number of steps and procedures and takes time. Freedom Treatment Center makes certain both your physical and mental state are restored completely before completion of the treatment program. Before focusing on any mental treatment for one’s addiction, one will first cleanse their body of any harmful substances locked within the body.

Many are under the assumption that once you can pass a drug test the drugs are gone from your body, but this is not the case. The truth is these toxins can stay locked within your body for years after you stop using drugs. This is why it is important to go through a complete detoxification treatment of the body to know for sure drug residuals will not be released into your bloodstream later on in life.

For your body to become completely free of drugs, you must go through a full body detoxification, which will release any drug residuals within the body. Here at Freedom Treatment Center, you will go through just that; complete detoxification. This detox process is completed through a sauna program. Upon completion of the sauna program one will no longer have these drug residuals lodged in the body tissue, which will assist when going on to the next steps of the program that focus on mental treatment for your addiction.

Narconon Freedom Center Sauna DetoxWhat to Expect

Upon starting the sauna detox program at Freedom Treatment Center, you will begin with meeting your sauna counselor, who will tell you exactly what to expect out of the treatment program and give you informational packets that explain the program as well. Once you know what to expect from the sauna detox you will begin the next day.

When you get to the sauna detox area the next day, you will be greeted by your sauna counselor and given a low dose of niacin. Niacin is a B3 vitamin that can be found in your body naturally or in foods you eat on a regular basis. The niacin is able to go deep into your body tissue in order to help push the drug residuals out of their hiding places. In order to be sure the niacin flows into the bloodstream as rapidly as possible, right after ingesting the vitamin you will do a light twenty to thirty minutes of cardio exercise to raise your heart rate. By raising your heart rate, you increase blood flow to your entire body, which lets the niacin travel through the entire body easily.

Once your heart rate is raised and the niacin has had a chance to begin moving through the bloodstream, you will get into a sauna box and begin to sweat. For your firssauna detoxt week in the sauna detox program you will begin at three hours per day and work your way up to five hours per day spent in the sauna. Now you will not sit in the sauna for a straight three to five hours, but take breaks every thirty to forty-five minutes to cool off, get water, take any necessary vitamins and then get back into the sauna box. When your day of detoxing in the sauna comes to an end, your supervisor will call for you to get out of the sauna and come take vitamins, minerals and oils to replenish the body. Depending on your reaction from the dose of niacin administered, your counselor will either keep you at the same dose or increase the doses slightly to ensure you are continually pushing drug residuals out of your body. This process of taking increased doses of niacin, doing cardio, getting into the sauna box and taking the necessary vitamins will continue until you no longer have any reaction to the niacin ingested.

Niacin Reaction & Nutrients Benefits

During your participation in the sauna detox treatment program, the niacin levels ingested will be slowly increased. The increasing rate of your doses will vary for each individual and is not dependent on the amount of drugs taken or length of drug abuse, but on the person’s body and how they react to the niacin. You can expect to have a mild reaction to the niacin on any given dose resulting from the release of drug residuals. The niacin can have the effects of making someone look sun burnt and a tingling or itching feeling. These are the mild effects of niacin and at the doses given to you at Freedom Treatment Center you should only experience mild reactions. In addition to this, the person is pushing drugs out of their body tissue and back into the bloodstream, so there is a chance one may feel the effects of drugs again while in the sauna as well. This is completely normal and if you have any concerns about the feelings you may be having your counselor will be more than happy to assist you through it. The most extreme reactions you will experience are a change in emotions, which could range from euphoria to despair. Eventually when you ingest a dose of niacin you will experience little to no reaction and this is when your counselor can tell the drug residuals have been flushed out of your body and are no longer locked within you. This occurs on higher levels of niacin and usually three to four weeks after you start the sauna program.

Besides having a niacin reaction and sitting in a sauna for the better part of a day, one will also be asked to ingest vitamins, minerals and oils. These nutrients are to help replenish the contents your body lost throughout the day of sweating. Throughout the day you will drink plenty of water and take salt and potassium. Since those are the two main vitamins one will lose through sweating, it is important to have a normal level at all times during the treatment. At the end of each day though, one will take other nutrients and these are to help replace the drug filled tissues with the proper nutrients. Your body holds on to the drug residuals and does not want to let them go. This is why you must take the good nutrients to make your body realize that it wants the good, naturally produced nutrients over the toxins it currently has. This way one can ensure your body replaces all drug residuals with the proper nutrients.

Completion of the Sauna Detoxification

Free from drugs and alcoholAt the end of your sauna program at Freedom Treatment Center, you should feel as if you are no longer carrying around dead weight. This is simply your body feeling better physically because there are no longer any drug residuals holding you back physically. Once your physical state is taken care of and completely drug free, you will feel euphoric about the completion of the sauna detox program and know within yourself that you are drug free and will no longer physically battle drugs. Your counselor will be looking for a change in your appearance along with little to no reaction of niacin in order to know you have truly completed the sauna portion of theFreedom Treatment Center drug rehab program. Having completed the sauna portion, you may realize a new person in the mirror that has a smile and seems to feel brand new. This is what you want. Having cleansed your entire body of any toxins locked within, you are now ready to move on to the rest of the program that will help you mentally not have a desire to use drugs ever again.