Drug addiction affects a vast amount of individuals every year. In 2011, approximately 22 million individuals should have enrolled into a treatment facility, yet only about 2 million actually received treatment for their addiction.

Anyone with an addiction to drugs will need to seek out a treatment facility for assistance in overcoming their addiction. Freedom Treatment Center is a drug rehab that helps addicts from across the world overcome drug addiction. Our facility is located in Albion, Michigan and has been assisting addicts for a years battle through drug addiction.

Our Drug Rehab

Narconon Freedom Center in Albion, MichiganFreedom Treatment Center is capable of accepting up to 100 clients at a time who need help with addiction. With our facility having a 58,000 square foot building for clients to receive treatment in, the building includes two separate wings for females and males to reside in, private bathrooms, lounge areas and designated areas where one receives help for their addiction. Along with a large building that has been set up for optimum results for each client, the facility also has many outdoor areas for individuals to relax, enjoy the nature around them or partake in recreational activities. Some of the outdoor activities include:

  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Softball
  • Walks

If outdoor activities are not something one wants to be a part of, there are also activities available within the building such as weight training in a fully equipped gym, televisions in the lounge areas or board games.

Even with all of the activities available, Freedom Treatment Center ensures that learning life skills to overcome addiction is at the forefront of each person’s treatment plan. When one walks into the doors of our facility, the first item to take care of is creating an individualized treatment plan to ensure optimum results. With a full time schedule of rehabilitation curriculum during the day, clients will spend the majority of their time working through their program and learning life skills in our course rooms that are equipped with all the necessary tools to assist in their recovery. Although most of a client’s time is spent learning how to live a drug free life, once one has completed their courses for the day they are given free time to partake in any of the activities listed above. This mixture of learning life skills with recreational activities is essential to one’s recovery because it allows each person to have structure, yet still do activities in which they enjoy. Having fun and laughing throughout the day is a healthy supplement for anyone’s recovery.

What to Expect at Freedom Treatment CenterFreedom Treatment Center facility

Many people inquiring about our program, whether it be family, friends or potential clients, ask what a typical day at our facility consists of. Well, when a client comes into Freedom Treatment Center they will be expected to follow a schedule to help put structure back into their life, which will consist of the following:

At the start of the day, breakfast begins at 6:00AM for anyone who is an early riser, but each client has the option to wake up by 8:30AM to start their day. Our breakfast consists of a buffet style meal with many different options that change on a regular basis. Once everyone has eaten breakfast and is ready to start the day, classes will begin at 9:30AM or 10:00AM and be carried out until lunch time, which is served at noon. Each client gets an hour break for lunch to enjoy either the hot meal of the day or a salad from the salad bar. Once lunch is over everyone goes back to classes that will go on until dinner time. The time in which classes end for dinner time vary depending on which portion of the treatment program you are in at that time. Clients can expect to either finish class at 8:00PM or 6:00PM. After classes are out for the night clients have free time, where some activities are planned to partake in or you may choose to do a different activity that you enjoy.  On the weekends, class times vary a bit to allow clients to do laundry, clean their room or relax.  Overall, the time spent at the facility is set up to put structure back into one’s life and allow for both serious time in class and time to enjoy life again in a drug free environment.

The Goal of Freedom Treatment Center Facility

Our facility’s main purpose is to ensure each person is comfortable during their time spent at our facility and is able to focus on their recovery. Freedom Treatment Center employs a number of staff members, who are there for counseling, management and support for each client. Each staff member is there to help every person that walks through our facility’s front door overcome their addiction and have the skills necessary to continue with a druFreedom Treatment Center's Goalg free life.

While enrolled in our program if any personal problems arise or trouble with grasping the life skills taught at our drug rehab, there is staff at the facility on a 24/7 basis throughout the entire year to help. There is nothing more Freedom Treatment Center wants to see than each person leave and be capable of leading a successful life without drugs.

If you or a loved one is suffering from a drug addiction, Freedom Treatment Center’s facility opens its doors to you with open arms. Our goal is to help anyone suffering from addiction recover successfully. Freedom Treatment Center’s facility located in Albion, Michigan is set up for success alongside each client’s individualized treatment plan. For more answers to any other questions you may have, contact one of our addiction specialists today and learn more about what our facility and program has to offer.