Residential Drug Rehab

Over the years, drug addiction has continued to be an issue for many individuals across the world. As the number of addicted individuals continues to increase, the amount of addicts seeking a drug rehab to enroll in doesn’t even constitute for 20% of the addicts within the United States. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, there are approximately 23.5 million people in need of a drug rehab, yet only 2.6 million of those individuals actually seek one to enroll in.  Many of those who sought treatment enrolled in residential drug rehabs to assist in overcoming their addiction. Here at Freedom Treatment Center, we offer a complete residential drug rehab to help addicts learn valuable life skills and cleanse their body of toxins.

Narconon Freedom Center Residential Drug RehabWhat is a Residential Drug Rehab?

For anyone addicted to illicit drugs and seeking a drug rehab facility, you may be wondering what is in store for you at a residential drug rehab. Well a residential drug rehab is almost like a home away from home, where one can focus solely on overcoming their addiction. Our facility, allows you to focus on yourself and not the environmental factors surrounding you. Often environmental factors assist in facilitating drug addiction to either begin or continue on for a period of time. Therefore, removing yourself from your present environment assists in putting all of your attention on recovery. Freedom Treatment Center ensures you have a safe area to receive treatment in by providing living quarters that are clean and more than enough inside and outside space for your recovery.

This relaxing living area and space for recovery coupled with our treatment plan makes a perfect combination for your drug rehab needs. Freedom Treatment Center’s treatment plan goes over the addiction cycle in its entirety, so each person enrolled in the drug rehab has a full understanding of how the addiction started, continued and can end forever. Our residential drug rehab accomplishes this by focusing on the individual’s mental, physical and spiritual recovery of each individual. Many other residential drug rehabs that are more traditional focus on only a few areas related to a person’s addiction. While these drug rehabs can be successful in treating addiction, by not focusing on all aspects of a person’s life full recovery may not be totally possible. Our drug rehab believes that complete recovery is gained by much more than a detoxification process.

Although Freedom Treatment Center utilizes a detoxification process, our drug rehab also teaches each person how to reach within themselves to find their own personal motivation in order to overcome their addiction. By teaching individuals how to help themselves in overcoming addiction, it creates a motivation that is driven much more forcefully from within. This is because when one is driven by self-motivation their willingness and desire to obtain sobriety is much greater than if just given information that may have little to no meaning to that individual. Our main goal is for each person to find themselves again and live a successful life without drugs through the tools taught at our drug rehab.

Recovery at Freedom Treatment Center’s Drug Rehab

At our residential drug rehab, clients are capable of detoxifying through our New Life Detoxification program. This is the sauna portion of Freedom Treatment Center’s drug rehab, which assists in cleansing out any toxins that may be locked within their bodies. The withdrawal portion of the program is followed up with the sauna treatment; along with encouraging each client to change their diets and exercise routines to Freedom Treatment Center's clientsbuild a stronger and healthier body. Throughout the entire program, clients are encouraged to slowly change their lifestyles to incorporate healthy foods and productive activities to assist in being able to have a successful lifestyle outside of the residential drug rehab upon completion of the program.

Once the body is back to a stable operating state, Freedom Treatment Center helps heal the mind through a series of courses focused on teaching the fundamentals of addiction. These courses educate individuals on how to become more aware of the obstacles that need to be overcome to ensure a full recovery. The skills taught at our residential drug rehab assist in developing useful coping and decision making skills. In addition to the skills taught through the Freedom Treatment Center program, each client will create for themselves a set of personal values and better way of living. Our drug rehab is a unique residential drug rehab because we give clients strength in all areas of their lives coupled with willpower to better their lives. With the self-motivation each client is shown how to find and the tools taught at our drug rehab, each individual leaves with a sense of confidence and capabilities to live a successful, drug free life. If anyone has other questions regarding our residential drug rehab please consult with one of our addiction specialists today.