Program Information

Narconon Freedom CenterFor anyone seeking treatment for a drug addiction, choosing the right facility and program is probably one of the hardest decisions to make. You have to make certain the facility is somewhere you will be comfortable and that the program will truly be beneficial to your recovery. It is important for any drug rehab to let future enrollees know exactly what the entire program entails and how each step of the process is completed. Also, you want to know how their methods have been proven successful and how they continue to be successful.

Here at Freedom Treatment Center, you will receive all the information regarding the treatment process and how we have managed to continually have success with the individuals that walk into our drug rehab. In addition to receiving all of our own program information prior to enrollment in our treatment facility, one of our addiction specialists will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have about the program. We know there are a number of questions going through your head when trying to find the right facility for yourself or a loved one and want to put your mind at ease by helping you in any way possible.

Freedom Treatment Center Program

When you enter into our facility and have completed the withdrawal portion of the program, you can expect to enter into eight different courses that focus on regaining your physical state and then a set of life skills courses. Throughout your stay at our treatment facility, there will be a set schedule that helps bring order and responsibility back into your life. These two factors are both important to obtain and learn how to use again in a sober environment.

So you can get an idea of what to expect while in our facility, here is a rundown of a day at Freedom Treatment Center. When you wake up in the morning, you go down to the cafeteria for breakfast and then off to a course room that will vary depending on which part of the program you are in. Once you enter the course room, it is time to get to work and focus solely on your recovery. You will spend about two hours at a time in course. There is an hour break for lunch and dinner and then a thirty minute break for a snack. Here at our drug rehab we want to ensure you are able to stay focused on the materials being taught, thus giving breaks for food and relaxation are important.

Besides completing course on life skills and physical treatment to help you along in your recovery, our treatment facility offers a number of recreational activities as well. We know that learning the proper skills to stay sober are very important to your recovery, yet we understand that there is always some time for having fun too. In fact, it is essential in your recovery because it allows you to use some of the tools learned within the course room in everyday life with other individuals. Sometimes free time even allows you to clear your head of any personal problems or issues you may have within your life for a little bit. This time is to allow you to have fun and see being sober can be a rewarding experience.

By the end of the night, you will have completed a full day of course and are probably ready to relax and unwind some. This is why Freedom Treatment CeBasketball at Freedom Treatment Centernter offers a number of activities to ease your mind a little when course is completed such as:

  • TV lounge
  • Playing cards
  • Volleyball court
  • Basketball court
  • Fire pit

If none of these activities suit your needs, you are always welcome to go to your room and listen to music or read a book or simply lay down and relax for a little bit. There is a couple hours allotted for you to relax before it is time to go to your room for the night and you can spend it any one of the ways listed or other approved activities offered by Freedom Treatment Center.

Choosing Freedom Treatment Center

By choosing Freedom Treatment Center, you are telling us that you want help through your recovery and that our program suits your needs. It is important to us that you want to help yourself recover and the guidance from our staff members in the areas you may not even know need to be looked at. Our drug rehab’s main purpose is to help addicts recover from drug addiction and our staff is more than willing to help each addict in any way necessary. If you would like more information, give us a call and start your recovery today!