Changing Conditions in Life Course

Narconon Freedom Center Changing Conditions In Life CourseAfter you have taken a look at your past and have created a set of personal values to live by to ensure your sobriety, you will begin to look at your current situation and how to continue on a path of success. The Changing Condition in Life Course shows you how to choose the right path and continue on it no matter what condition your life may be in at that moment.

It is important that when you leave Freedom Treatment Center that you know how to choose the right path and stay on it. This life skills course shows you specific steps and actions to make to ensure you stay on track with any aspect of life. During your addiction you may not have put much emphasis on decision making and how it could change your life, but choosing the right option is key to anyone’s success. Each decision you make affects some area of your life and it is important to know the how, why and what of those decisions.  When out on the streets during addiction, you may have just found a person or thing to blame on misfortunate events that took place and this can be easy to do when drugs are the only thing on your mind. Now that you are sober though and have repaired your physical state and are working on your mental well being, you are most likely realizing that each decision you make in your life is important and can affect your recovery in many different ways. This is why Freedom Treatment Center’s program provides this course, to show you that decisions are important and that there are specific ways to ensure you make the right one.

After you have learned how to make decisions with good judgment and are capable of applying the steps to decision making in your own life, you will take a look at your past decision making and how it may have affected you throughout your life. This process is to show you how bad decisions were made and how you can fix them as to not let the same bad judgment occur in the future. Looking at past decisions also allows you to utilize the good choice making skills you have just learned and apply them to real life experiences for yourself. For the information is only useful if you are able to apply it within your own life successfully, then you are able to see that the processes work and can repair past decision making to allow better choices in the future. When you go through different areas of your life and repair past mistakes with the other individuals or places involved in the negative choices, the others will see you are truly making an attempt to reconnect with them. This begins the process of building back the trust you may have lost during your addiction with those people.

By the end of this life skills course, you should be able to think clearly when making any choice in life and decipher whether or not that choice is going to be positive or negative to you or others. You will also have begun the process of building your relationships back with the people who truly care about you and want to see you succeed in life. With this course, Freedom Treatment Center makes certain you are capable of leaving our treatment facility and choosing the right path to follow in order to flourish in your recovery.