Communication Course

Narconon Freedom Center Communication CourseThe Communication Course that is offered by Freedom Treatment Center is the first course you will enter after the completion of withdrawal. This course is to simply help you learn how to be comfortable when you may need to confront, communicate or control any aspect of life.

To be more specific, the course wants to show you that no matter what problem stands in front of you that you should be able to deal with it. There is no reason for you to use drugs as an escape route out of any situation. You will learn how to take control of the situation and communicate your problems about it to the other party in order to get an end result you are happy with. This is one of the key goals of the Communication Course.

In addition to learning how to take on any problem, you will also practice never giving up on something you believe in. This may sound like common sense, but many addicts forget that if they put their mind to a task it can be completed successfully without the use of drugs. Freedom Treatment Center wants you to realize that if you don’t give up on something positive in your life you will be able to attain it through hard work and dedication. Sometimes the routes taken to accomplish a task are not always as easy as turning to drugs, but conquering something when sober is much more rewarding.

The routines you will be doing to accomplish these end goals are short routines and will be done with a partner. The goal of Freedom Treatment Center is to get the partners to help each other through the learning process and keep each other motivated to continue their progression towards a full recovery. By having you work with another person, you are already unconsciously working on your communication skills with others. You and your partner will work on the routines until you feel you are moving forward in a positive way. Your supervisor will oversee the routines and help with any mistakes that may be made during practice. Once you and your partner are capable of doing the routines and know how to use the routines in everyday life, your supervisor will come watch you and see that you can do them without any hesitations. This is when one is completed with the Communication Course and is able to move on to the next portion of treatment, which is the New Life Detoxification Program.