Communication and Perception Course

Once you have learned how to fully understand and apply material, you will move on to the Communication and Perception Course of the Freedom Treatment Center program. This course is broken up into two separate parts. One part focuses solely on communication and the other on your perception.

Narconon Freedom Center Communication and Perception CourseCommunication

The first part is designed to help you enhance your communication skills with others and take control of a situation that may need to be handled. You will be doing some of the exercises you did in the first phase of the program to strengthen you skill of confronting life and communicating your thoughts instead of using drugs to cope with a situation.

This course is beneficial to any recovering addict because many times addicts find it easier to just shut down and use drugs instead of actually communicate. Most addicts used this method instead of actual communication, so for an addict to learn there is a way to communicate and deal with a situation without drugs is imperative to their recovery. You need to know the positive options available to you that will help you get answers, figure out problems, deal with other people or go after what you truly want. If you learn there are positive responses and behavior that can be used to get results, it shows you there is nothing holding you back from taking control of a situation to get what you need or desire from it.

Narconon Freedom Center Communication and Perception CoursePerception

After you have your communication skills down, you move into the perception portion of the course. This part of the course is to help you realize you may be stuck in past experiences. The exercises completed in this course allow you to move forward into present time, which help you notice what is going on in that exact moment. You do not want to focus on past situations and keep replaying them in your head, for this will just bring you back in time to the behavior you were using when in that negative situation.

The key purpose of the perception portion of this course is to show you that living in reality with everyone else can be enjoyable and beneficial. This is important mainly because if you are stuck in the past you may hold grudges against others for many different reasons, which have no influence on the present. You will begin to realize that many people begin to treat you differently as you progress in your recovery and begin to show true changes from within. This is partly due to you not holding onto what has happened, but to see what is happening. By the end of this course, you will be able to focus on the present environment around you and handle any situation going on without reverting to the past to solve the problem.

The End Result

Once you have completed both the communication and perception portion of the Freedom Treatment Center program you will be more aware of what is going on around and how to handle any situation that may arise in your life. These skills are important to your recovery, for if you do not know how to handle a situation and easily get frustrated about it there could be negative thoughts that come to mind. These thoughts could be anything from hurting the person to using drugs again. This is why Freedom Treatment Center’s program information ensures you are equipped with the proper communication skills and aware of your surroundings by enhancing your perception. With these two skills combined, you will be able to effectively realize what is going on and how to handle any situation.