New Life Detoxification Course

Narconon Freedom Center New Life Detoxification CourseDuring your time on Freedom Treatment Center’s New Life Detoxification program, you will go through the sauna portion in the day time and attend course once a week to do some light course work. The information you will cover in Freedom Treatment Center’s courses while in the sauna detox is basic information about a drug free withdrawal, the detox program and how to overcome addiction.

The purpose of the sauna detox program is to release all the drug toxins locked within the body and ensure a complete detoxification of the body. The courses are an aid for you and informational to you about addiction and recovery.

The first book you will do is the New Life Detoxification Program book. This book gives the reader a rundown on what to expect in sauna and the history of how the sauna program began. More than anything this book is for the information inside, so the addict is ready to take on the sauna program and has the desire to get all of the toxins out of their body. Once this book is completed you will learn about the drug free withdrawal and overcoming addiction.

The next book is The First Step: Drug Free Withdrawal book, which simply goes over the portion of the program you just completed and how it helps the body recover quicker. The text will tell you the importance of the vitamins and nutrients given to you during withdrawal and what they do for your body. In addition to this, the book will tell you how partaking in light activities helps take your mind off of how you are feeling and place attention on your environment instead of the withdrawal symptoms. And then the science behind the light massages, called assists is also covered in this book. It will show you how to give the assists yourself and how they release tension built up within your body. The book is very informative and thorough about what goes on during withdrawal and how the methods and procedures Freedom Treatment Center uses work to benefit the body.

Another one the books covered during sauna is Helping Someone Overcome Addiction. This book helps an addict understand for themselves why they may have started using drugs and how the drugs ended up taking over their lives. It gives information to let the addict know that it is okay drugs became a part of their lives, but the addiction can stop and never has to start again. This allows an addict to sit and think about their personal life and how drug use began for them and how they will be able to overcome their addiction with the proper tools. While this is a relatively short book, many times the addict can relate to the material in the book due to going through drug addiction and connecting on a personal level with the author about addiction and recovery.

All of the books done during sauna are short books that are there to aid the recovering addict throughout sauna. A lot of the information is to inform them of what will happen in sauna and why their withdrawal symptoms while at Freedom Treatment Center were so minimal. In addition to this, our treatment facility wants the addict to know overcoming addiction is possible even if it does take a little bit of searching from within. By understanding what is within them such as emotions, thoughts, worries or other feelings are normal and only time and the proper tools will help each deal with those feelings.