Personal Values and Integrity Course

Narconon Freedom Center Personal Values and Integrity CourseMany of you growing up heard your parents telling you to be responsible and were taught a set of principles to live by, but through the course of your addiction you may have forgotten these simple skills and replaced them with irresponsibility and guidelines that are probably frowned upon. The Personal Values and Integrity Course helps you build up your responsibility level, create a set of rules to live by and let go of any past transgressions that may be holding you back.

When you begin this life skills course, you will start by learning what responsibility consists of and how to be responsible in your own life. The course will also show you how to stand up for what you believe in and not sway from those beliefs. Once you fully understand and can apply responsibility and integrity within your own life, the course will move forward with showing you how morals and ethics are also important pieces in your recovery.

The main goal as you learn what each of these aspects are and how to apply them within your life is for you to begin to build up your own perspective on what each means to you and how you are going to use each to assist you in staying sober. Freedom Treatment Center does not want to push any specific beliefs on you, but have you realize that each person has their own morals and ethics. It is important for you to decide on your own what is right and wrong within your own life and how you intend to stand up for these beliefs and continue to do so upon completion of the treatment program.

Once you have created guidelines to live by, some of which many learned at a young age, you are ready to see where you may have failed in the past regarding responsibility, integrity, ethics or morals. This allows you to see how past mistakes were made and where in life the mistake was made. Many do not find looking back on past transgressions very enjoyable. Once you have gone through these past transgressions though, you will be able to see how to change the future and utilize the tools Freedom Treatment Center has helped you formulate to prevent any more transgressions from being committed.

Upon going through your past transgressions, you should feel better about the past and know that what occurred were just mistakes and can be used as a tool in the present to move forward and reconnect with those you may have hurt or disappointed in the past. Once you feel good about looking back on the past and feel you now have a solid foundation to build the present on, you have successfully removed the regrets and negative feelings about the past. Now you can focus on what is going on at the current moment with people, places or things in your life.