The Way to Happiness Course

Narconon Freedom Center The Way To HappinessThe last course you will take before completing the Freedom Treatment Center program is The Way to Happiness Course. This course consists of twenty-one different principles to help you remain happy in your new drug free life. Each person at this point has probably found themselves pretty happy with their progress through the program and excited about achieving so much, but you still have to remember that recovery is hard work and takes many steps to remain at this level of happiness and accomplishment. This is why our treatment program gives you these principles to follow.

There are always times in life when things may not go your way or you may want more than what is being offered, but you should remember things take time and sometimes your way is not always the best way. If you follow the guidelines in this book though, you will be capable of remaining happy and content with where you are at in life no matter what. The principles in this book are very simple and usually easily forgotten, for this exact reason Freedom Treatment Center puts each into this book for you to remember and live by.

By living according to these simple principles, such as not stealing, lying or becoming greedy, you will be able to obtain happiness and keep it within your life. You may also be able to help others, who seem to be unhappy with their own lives by giving advice or helping them realize what it is they are doing to make them unhappy. Your happiness depends on how you live your life and the choices you make. Our program has given you the tools on how to be a productive member of society with good decision making skills, so you just need to always keep in mind that the choices you make are what create the happiness you feel about any aspect of your life.

In addition to laying out these principles, the course also has you come up with examples in your own life that resulted in unhappiness and how if you followed these simple principles that unhappiness may have never occurred in the first place. This is to make certain you know how to apply each principle to your own life and ensure that your process of following these principles will allow you to achieve the happiness you always wanted. There is nothing more Freedom Treatment Center wants than to see you happy, making good judgments and staying sober. For this very reason, every process of our treatment program is geared to achieve just that for you by having you help yourself obtain all of these things through the use of the life skills you have learned.