When one is faced with the problem of drug addiction, there is a solution even when one thinks there is no hope. That solution is to seek treatment from a drug rehab. Problems begin to arise when seeking treatment though, due to the varying types of treatment offered across theQuestions about Drug Rehab world. Many do not know which one to choose or where to even start when asking treatment facilities questions. In the field of addiction treatment, there is no agreed upon standards of how to treat drug addiction or which methods produce the best results for an individual. This is one of the reasons many have difficulty choosing a facility.

Choosing a Treatment Center

Due to having so many options and no true standards to go by it makes choosing a treatment center that could potentially save an addict’s life difficult. When searching for the right facility, you want to be able to find a program that has a success rate higher than 50% and has proven methods and procedures that make sense to the person searching for a facility and the one that will be going there.

If one were to take a look at the Freedom Treatment Center drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, one would find a program with a set of procedures that have been proven successful since 1966. One would be able to see that our services deal with an addict’s physical and mental recovery, encourage self help and offer aftercare treatment as well. All of these factors should be accounted for within a program’s steps to ensure the addict is capable of beating their addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Our Treatment Program

First, Freedom Treatment Center assists the addict in recovering from drug addiction by ensuring they want to help themselves recover. This is called self help; it plays an important role in anyone’s recovery, for if one does not want to help themselves than no one can help. Then the program will begin focusing on repairing the physical well being of the individual. This is done through a drug free withdrawal process that allows one to deal with any withdrawal symptoms and nourish their body back to health.

Once one has nourished their body back to health and no longer feels withdrawal symptoms, the other physical treatment will begin; detoxification. Freedom Treatment Center has each person go through a sauna detoxification program, which cleanses the body of any toxins that may be built uChoose Freedom Treatment Centerp within one’s body. This allows one to be completely free of drugs physically. Many have made the statement of feeling like a brand new person after the completion of the detoxification.

After the physical treatment is completed, the individual will move on to treating their mental well being. Freedom Treatment Center has set up specific courses that help an addict regain control of their lives and learn the necessary tools to thrive without the use of drugs. The courses one will embark on assist in the person’s thinking, life and way of living. Each person will learn how to make decisions that do not involve drugs and how to have self-discipline. Of course these changes do not occur immediately, but with the assistance of Freedom Treatment Center’s staff an individual will have the proper tools to do so. In addition to teaching the addict life skills, the program also takes a look on why the person became addicted in the first place and what can trigger the use of drugs again. Some of the factors that could keep one in the cycle of addiction are guilt, cravings, depression or other negative emotions. There are other factors that could keep one addicted to drugs as well such as personal problems or unfortunate experiences, but there is always a way to combat this addiction. Freedom Treatment Center ensures one has the knowledge to make the right decision and knows how to cope with any factors that may lead to using drugs upon completion of the rehabilitation program.