Narconon Freedom Center After CareFreedom Treatment Center wants to ensure long lasting success for each individual who is about to complete our treatment program. To ensure this success there are aftercare treatment specialists that help each person complete a list of what they intend to accomplish upon their departure from the Freedom Treatment Center facility. Within this plan, the individual and aftercare specialist create a plan of action for what is intended to be accomplished, yet also keeps in mind there may be variations to the plan if unexpected situations occur within their environment. This is to ensure that even if everything does not go as planned the individual is able to handle the turmoil and make the best out of every situation that comes in front of them. Also the aftercare specialist makes certain the plan includes, where the person will be living once home, how they intend to obtain a job and any other concerns one may have about returning home after treatment.

Besides having a one on one conversation with the individual that is completing the treatment program, the specialist and individual have a conversation with the loved ones, who one will be returning to upon graduation. This is to make sure everyone involved with the recovering addict understands what they intend to do upon arrival home and are comfortable with the situation. Freedom Treatment Center’s top priority is making sure everyone involved with the recovery is confident that change has taken place and knows that the individual intends on making the best out of life now without the use of drugs. Having loved ones and the individual all on the same page throughout the recovery process is very important. Not only does the addict begin to recover their lives over the course of going through treatment, but the family also learns how to deal with the arrival of the individual before they arrive home. The loved ones need to feel comfortable and have confidence in the recovering addict and not still hold on to any resentments or negative feelings toward the individual regarding the past.

Freedom Treatment Center’s aftercare specialists also set up appointments with a counselor for each person, so the recovering addict always has someone to talk to and receive advice from when in need of a little extra push forward that day. Each person knows they are able to go see or call these counselors whenever there may be an obstacle that just seems impossible to overcome and need an outsider’s point of view. Each specialist wants the recovering addict to feel comfortable about returning home and have confidence in the direction their life is heading.

People who have gone through the recovery process know it is not always easy to do it on your own and you need support from others. That is what Freedom Treatment Center’s aftercare specialists are there for. Each specialist wants to ensure the individual is driven and has a positive outlook, so each can fully recover their life upon departure from the treatment program. As long as the individual has this drive and willingness to succeed, each will be able to battle any of life’s obstacles when necessary in order to prosper and flourish in their new drug free life.