Mental Treatment

Narconon Freedom Center Mental Health TreatmentDuring the recovery process, it is imperative to focus on both the physical and mental treatment of each individual. Freedom Treatment Center makes certain that both aspects are looked at closely, our treatment center looks at the mental aspect of treatment once the physical portion is completed. In order for each individual to examine their own mental well being, Freedom Treatment Center has each person take a look at all aspects of their lives. There is various treatment courses a person will go through while at the Freedom Treatment Center that lets one learn how to work through situations that may arise in life, handle others that are a negative influence and pursue a state of self-happiness.

Besides having the individual focus on how to handle what could happen upon leaving treatment, Freedom Treatment Center also wants to ensure the individual takes time to examine the past and why drugs became a part of their life to begin with. By having one find out for themselves why drugs brought comfort to their lives, it allows for one to stop a situation from occurring in the future that could lead them back to drugs. There are also treatment courses that teach one, if there is a situation where one thinks drugs are the only solution to the problem that there are steps one can take to realize there are other options besides running back to drugs. These courses are intended to show each person that no matter what is going on with one mentally that there is a way to get through the problem without the use of drugs.

Here at Freedom Treatment Center, it is important to show each person that comes in that there is a different and better way to live life; that is of course a drug free way of life. Our program wants to assist in restoring the individual’s mental state to beyond what it once was and free them of any negative feelings or personal resentments that may be held within. The treatment plan laid out for every individual gives them the tools necessary to flourish with the goals each has set towards recovery and much more for a drug free life. These tools allow addicts to free themselves of their past and begin to enjoy what is going on around them at the current moment, instead of feeling imprisoned by drugs.

In order to keep a positive morale for each student in the Freedom Treatment Center Program, our staff ensures that through every portion of the program the individual is making gains and feels good about those gains. Once the staff can see the individual has found a stable balance and has their drive for life back, they know the battle of addiction has been won by the individual and that person has turned a battle into a path of recovery. This certainly does not mean the journey ends when one completes the Freedom Treatment Center Program, but that the journey to a new life full of happiness and success has just begun for that individual.