Physical Treatment

Narconon Freedom Center Physical Treatment Anyone suffering from an addiction to drugs has probably experienced the physical dependency that follows continued drug use. This physical dependency aids in forming the vicious cycle of addiction that many cannot seem to escape. When one does decide to break the cycle, one will need assistance from a drug rehab to fully regain their life back. This is partly due to the fact that, the body is so depleted of all its natural nutrients and vitamins that drugs have taken from it and the individual not having much concern regarding their physical well being. Freedom Treatment Center helps addicts every day overcome the physical dependency through a drug free withdrawal and detoxification treatment program.

Drug Free Withdrawal Treatment

Many drug users do not realize how far their physical well being has deteriorated over the course of their addiction. Many who have a history of prolonged drug abuse will be suffering from physical ailments and need the proper care to combat them. If proper physical treatment is not given to the body, then one will experience discolored skin, hair loss, acne, poor hygiene and much more. This is why upon entering Freedom Treatment Center’s treatment program an individual will be given the proper nutrients and vitamins to help their body recover all it has lost throughout the person’s addiction. In addition to restoring the balance of nutrients in the body, Freedom Treatment Center’s specialists are trained to relieve the bodily pain one may be suffering from during their recovery from drugs. These massages make the pain as minimal as possible and get the individual to focus on communicating with their body again.

Detoxification Treatment

Once an individual is no longer withdrawing, Freedom Treatment Center provides a full body detoxification process through the use of a sauna program. The sauna portion of the physical treatment allows the body to release any drug residuals that may be lodged into the fatty tissues of the body. Throughout this portion of treatment an individual will continue on a vitamin regiment, along with minerals and a lot of water to replenish the body of anything lost during sweating. By allowing the body to release the toxins locked within the body, the individual will no longer have strong physical cravings for drugs. At the end of the sauna portion of treatment, the individual should feel like a brand new person and their body rejuvenated back to life.

Complete Recovery

Freedom Treatment Center attempts to make every portion of the physical treatment as painless as possible because our specialists know that sometimes recovering from drugs is not always the most enjoyable thing to do. In addition to ensuring that all physical aspects of an individual are taken care of, our specialists will help one regain their mental capacity as well. This is only done once all of the physical treatment for the body is fully completed though. Here at Freedom Treatment Center, we want to ensure lasting success as a drug free individual and this is why we put great emphasis on both the physical and mental treatment of each individual.