Self Help

There are continued discussions regarding drug addiction and substance abuse. Certain people feel the problem is caused by one’s environment, stress levels mentally and physically or by known associates. There are others that feel the addict themselves are responsible for any situation or consequence that occurs and must find a way to pull themselves out of the problem. Furthermore other people try to place blame on the genetics of the person regarding the issue of addiction, attempting to say the addiction was passed down from one person to another. The remainder of the individuals are addicts and are unsure as to how their drug use began, why they continued abusing drugs or how to break the habit of using drugs.

Statistics reported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse reports the number of people addicted to drugs is around 23.5 million.  In addition to those addicted to illicit substances, there are alcoholics. The Center of Disease Control and Prevention reported the number of alcoholics is around 16 million people. These numbers are quite large and continue to increase and decrease when addicts decide to seek treatment. Although only 2.5 million addicts actually seek treatment ever year, which leaves many suffering addicts out on the streets.

Narconon Freedom Center Self Help

In order for treatment to start, an individual needs to begin with self help or there is no willingness within the individual to seek recovery and will ultimately go back to using drugs. Seeking treatment through self help first is one of the general principles Freedom Treatment Center is based on. Even though family, friends and other loved ones assist in getting the addict to see the need for treatment, the individual still needs to have a desire to help themselves. The individual needs to come to a point, where they are capable of facing and handling problems that led to their substance abuse in the first place and get the tools needed to stay sober.

How to Achieve Self Help

Freedom Treatment Center’s goals for each person that walks through the front doors of the treatment facility is to give that person a set of skills and tools needed to handle any problems within life that are connected to their addiction. Our treatment programs foundation is based on the basis that these tools to handle life’s complications are necessary in order to lead a drug free life. The steps Freedom Treatment Center offers were developed to assist anyone with a drug addiction to gain full control of their lives again.

Self help for the individual starts at the beginning of the Freedom Treatment Center program when they enter into the drug free withdrawal portion of treatment. Throughout the rest of the treatment program, the individual will move through each step at their own pace and only when they feel ready do they move on to the next step. This is all part of the self help aspect, Freedom Treatment Center wants to ensure each person feels they are making progress and feel good about their recovery as well.